Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

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Naqua Tech technicians are Certified Pool and Spa Operators, which means that you can be certain that your pool is in the best hands.

We use state-of-the-art computerized water testing and industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials. Naqua Tech will maintain your water chemistry and provide a complete cleaning service for your pool. We will also routinely eliminate phosphate and metal buildup. We will clarify your water to aid in filtration and make it glisten. We offer a variety of maintenance and cleaning packages on pools that we install and service. Our maintenance plans can also be tailored to meet your specific needs!

Chemical Only Service

  • Check water chemistry
  • Add chemicals to balance water
  • Adjust water level if necessary
  • Backwash filter and add DE if necessary
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Available weekly or seasonally

Cleaning Service

  • One-time cleans
  • Weekly cleans
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Green-to-cleans

Our weekly maintenance service includes:

  • One stop for up to one hour per week
  • Vacuum pool
  • Brush pool walls if necessary
  • Skim pool surface
  • Backwash filter, add DE (not included)
  • Inspect pool equipment
  • Check and adjust water level
  • Visually check for leaks
  • Empty pool and pump baskets
  • Check water chemistry
  • Add pool chemicals to maintain and balance water

Our seasonal service includes:

All of the items included in the weekly service
A maximum of 30 stops for up to one hour each
Commercial Scheduled Chemical and Cleaning Packages:

*** Commercial maintenance packages are determined per job specification. Please call for a quote.***

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