Our FibreTech Process

Our process offers the longest lasting surface available in the industry today.

We achieve optimum results by using top grade materials including 100% Owens Corning® fiberglass mat that is encased between 3 layers of our specially manufactured resin. The result is a bright, durable surface that bonds to concrete yet remains flexible to movement. The five-step process can be applied quickly to any structurally sound surface including concrete, marcite, plaster, aluminum, steel gunite or even wood.

Versatile and permanent, the Fibre Tech surface is ideal for renovating an indoor or outdoor surface or building a new one. It can be used for a variety of applications including swimming pools, spas, storage tanks, zoo exhibits, water rides and fountains.

We prepare the pool by grinding and smoothing the surface to remove contaminants. Then, we fill in all cracks and voids and cut seal lines around all fittings and accessories.

After preparing the surface, the FibreLock Kote is applied. FibreLock Kote is our unique product developed to create the strongest cohesion possible.FibreLock Kote is designed to penetrate and "lock seal" the tiny pours in your surface. This enhances cohesion of Fibre Tech to the pool, providing an ultra tight grip to any aquatic surface.

Next, we carefully apply the first coat of Fibre Tech resin that bonds to the pool's surface. Our special resin stays flexible. This reduces the likelihood of separating, shrinking or warping. Beware of companies who use inferior resins: Most are not formulated for use in the chemically treated aquatic environment.

Then a layer of Owens-Corning fiberglass mat is hand-laid while the first layer of resin is still damp. Hand-laid mat provides consistent thickness and color, giving important strength and flexibility to the finished product.

The second layer of Fibre Tech resin is applied. Special tools are used to smooth the fiberglass coating to conform to the contours of the surface, force out air pockets and combine all the layers into one powerful surface. Finally, after the surface is sanded by hand to remove any sharp points, we apply a third layer of Fibre Tech resin, giving the surface its smooth, non-porous finish. The surface will skin dry in one hour and totally cures in about four hours.

Your pool now looks new!


The FibreTech Process Video